2014 Shooting Wall Film Festival

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,


The 3rd Annual Shooting Wall Film Festival will be held on Sunday May 4, 2014 at PhilaMOCA (531 North 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123). The doors will open at 1:30pm and the festival will begin at 2pm. This year’s festival will present films produced both locally and internationally. It is completely free to attend and open to the public. This is a filmmaker centric festival committed to showing the most interesting, daring, and radical independently made cinema that we can find. The Shooting Wall Film Festival is committed to screening underground works for audiences who want to engage with cinema in a meaningful way. We embrace the notion of film as art; cinema as life. The Shooting Wall Film Festival is not about money or fame or deals, but about cinema. Our festival aims to give audiences and filmmakers a pure cinematic experience.


Centuries and Dilemmas, Part One: Delirious Annotations by Joshua Martin, 28 minutes
Drawing the Line by Jenny Lee Maas, 2:27
Greenhouse by AG McCants, 16:54
Heirloom by Malia Bruker, 27:00
Home Movies Pt. 4 by Craig Scheihing, 3:47
Home Movies Pt. 5 Craig Scheihing, 2:35
Keajaiban by Loong Wah, 13:02
Memory Untitled by Naomi Levine, 3:30
Overlooking a Fall by Jenny Lee Maas, 3:34
Quietly by Sarah Mourad, 10:40
Saxony by Alexis McCrimmon, 2:15
Sholtz’s House by Sophie Dixon, 8:28
Toothless Aggression by Steve Magnier, 20:30
Work by Phally Chroy, 30:00
YellowBlue by Paul Hinson, 4:36

Two New Short Films

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

We have posted two new short films to our Vimeo page. Both films premiered at our Views from the Underground series in December 2013. Check them out, if you missed them or if you loved them and want to watched them again!

Reminder that we are still seeking submissions for the 3rd Annual Shooting Wall Film Festival. Submission deadline is March 25, 2014. Festival will be held on Sunday May 4, 2014 at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia, PA. Submit your films now by emailing us at

Bammy’s Dad by Rob Malone and Marc Dickerson

Mystery Box by Rob Marvin

Views from the Underground Monday February 10, 2014

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

Our final night of the season for Views from the Underground will be held Monday February 10, 2014 at 7pm at PhilaMOCA. We will be taking a few months off after this to get ready for the 3rd Shooting Wall Film Festival which will be held Sunday May 4, 2014 at PhilaMOCA (submission deadline March 25, 2014). February’s lineup is below. Be sure to come out and help us end our season with a bang!

Monday February 10, 2014 at 7pm

Jenny by Maggie Farley, 12 minutes

Pen Up the Pigs by Kelly Gallagher, 12 minutes

Uncertain Relations by Joshua Martin, 97 minutes

2014 Shooting Wall Film Festival Open for Submissions!

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

Shooting Wall is now accepting submissions for our 2014 Film Festivals! More details are below. Send us your films!

And don’t forget Monday January 13, 2014 at 7pm at PhilaMOCA we will be continuing our Views from the Underground series with another group of great films. Be there!


Shooting Wall wants films that are bold, experimental, inventive, formal, difficult, challenging, avant-garde, new, radical, and daring. If you are making films to get a deal in Hollywood, we don’t want your film. If you are not attempting to push yourself or cinema in a new direction, we don’t want your film. Shooting Wall wants films that the mainstream refuses to play or accept. We are seeking films from 0 to 30 minutes to screen in May 2014 at our 3rd annual film festival. Submission is free, attendance is free, and this is all open to the public. The deadline for submissions is March 25, 2014. If you have a film you would like to submit or would like more information about Shooting Wall or the festival email us at

Film festival will be held on Sunday May 4th in Philadelphia, PA.

Views from the Underground 1/13/14!

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

It is less than a week until our next Views from the Underground screening at PhilaMOCA! What better way to kick off the new year, then with some new and exciting independent films! You won’t see anything better at the multiplexes or at the Ritz. Check out the details for the films below.

Monday January 13, 2014 at 7pm

The Greggs by Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Jessie Levandov, Rob Malone, Alex Mechanik, Kira Pearson, Jonathan Rosenblit, 20 minutes

A secret origin type story of how the standardized tests are written. They’re written by the Greggs.

Perfect Thoughts by Doron Max Hagay, 50 minutes
PERFECT THOUGHTS tells the story of a dissatisfied young woman whose quest for improvement begins when she discovers a self-help book titled “Perfect Thoughts”. Her inner turmoil escalates upon meeting and developing an obsessive longing for the author’s assistant - prompting her to create mood boards, purchase a car, and develop a strange lump on her body. Employing handheld camera work and long, messy shots without edit, the camera becomes an invasive presence recording detritus and meaning in equal measure; producing a film that exists in a realm between cinema, documentary, and low-budget porn.

Irina by Michael Johnston, 13 minutes
Struggling with the disastrous review of her latest play, an aging theater actress transforms her apartment into her stage, her husband into her audience, and the dead bird on her balcony into an allusion to Anton Chekhov.

Movement by Cronistas, 3 minutes

Some Thoughts On Movement

 Movement is a short, stream-of-consciousness-style montage drawn from nearly twenty hours of video footage of the 2011 May Day demonstrations in Oakland, California. It was filmed as part of an ongoing effort to chronicle the reemergence of radical consciousness in the city that developed in response to the police murder of Oscar Grant III on New Year’s Day 2009 and has continued to the present.

 In our opinion, Movement embodies many of the traits we dislike about what is often regarded as radical cinema. It lacks context, it’s not strategic, it doesn’t advance revolutionary politics… Actually, it falls pretty squarely into the so-called category of “riot porn,” which is not meant pejoratively, but does none-the-less denote an approach to radical filmmaking we have generally moved away from.

 On the other hand, it succeeds in capturing the frustration that seeped from under the surface of the day—a frustration that had been building since the loss of the Occupy Oakland encampment six months earlier. What Movement captures is the leading up to a confrontation in which police snatch squads begin grabbing and arresting demonstrators they’ve singled-out. There is an obvious desire to fight back, but it is muted and doesn’t, for a number of reasons, go all the way. That frustrated response functions as a metaphor of the period in general and is intensified by the aesthetics and use of dislocated sound and disjunctive editing. This complicates our earlier critique and, in the least, it makes the film useful for debates concerning the relationship between aesthetics and content in radical cinema.

Crisis by Marc Dickerson, 45 seconds
A man has a crisis.

Rough Edits by Dan Dickerson, 27 minutes
Integrity vs. survival. Art vs. commerce. Man vs. himself. A former academic and bestselling author’s mental state is called into question when deadlines and responsibilities are forgotten in a one sided, belligerent quest for the truth. Anxiety, business pressure and self-hatred give way to a vision of a forgone American civilization that may or may not have existed.

Views from the Underground 1/13/14 Lineup!

Greetings Soliders and Cinephiles,

We are happy to announce our lineup for the January 13, 2014 Views from the Underground. As usual, the screening will be held at 7pm at PhilaMOCA and is free and open to the public. We will be posting more details about the films soon! Check out the list of films below. Stay tuned for February’s lineup!

Monday January 13, 2014

The Greggs by Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Jessie Levandov, Rob Malone, Alex Mechanik, Kira Pearson, Jonathan Rosenblit, 20 minutes

Perfect Thoughts by Doron Max Hagay, 50 minutes

Irina by Michael Johnston, 13 minutes

Movement by Cronistas, 3 minutes

Crisis by Marc Dickerson, 45 seconds

Rough Edits by Dan Dickerson, 30 minutes 

Views from the Underground December and Beyond

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

This is a reminder that Night 4 of our Views from the Underground series will be held this Monday 12/9/13 at 7pm at PhilaMOCA. As always, it is completely free! We will have drinks and some great cinema!

Shooting Wall has also added two additional nights of the Views from the Underground series. We will continue the series into the new year with screenings on Monday January 13, 2014 and Monday February 10, 2014. Stay tuned for more details on that; we hope to be announcing January’s lineup very soon. 

Shooting Wall will be starting work on our 3rd annual film festival shortly as well. We will be opening up for submissions soon, so stay tuned for that and start making new films!

More exciting events will be coming up in 2014, so be sure you are checking back with us.

Night 4 Views from the Underground 12/9/2013

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

Night 4 of Shooting Wall’s Views from the Underground is two weeks away! Check out the full details on the films we will be screening below. Be sure to check back in December when we will be announcing our lineup for our additional January screening!

December 9, 2013

Mystery Box by Rob Marvin, 13 minutes

MYSTERY BOX is a short film based on a script written by Joshua Martin that he originally sent to Jill Hackney.  Jill then showed it to Rob Marvin who was instantly drawn to the noir-ish elements as well as Martin’s complete disregard for plot and cohesive narratives.  He didn’t change a thing except for cutting half of the dialogue, the majority of the shots, and swapping the genders of the main characters.  The last part isn’t important since gender is just a social construct with no real purpose.  Important things are veggie burgers, peanut butter, cats, MST3K, and the Evil Eye Cafe’s deal of $1.75 for a homemade bagel and 24oz coffee.  Seriously, if you haven’t been to the Evil Eye Cafe, it’s worth it.  They’re on South St. right next to Hot Diggity.  Anyway, I guess I was talking about this stupid movie… Yeah, there’s nothing really going on in it.  Just watch it like you would a JJ Abrams movie and ignore every nonsensical plot point, unmotivated action, and illogical structure until you go home and can write an angry blog post about me.  I promise that I’ll cry into my glass of boxed wine and play with my feet while reading it.

 Bammy’s Dad by Marc Dickerson and Rob Malone, 9 minutes

A short about father and son.  Bammy is inducted into the tried and true realm of adulthood when he helps his father “dig a hole.”  Remember:  Keep your eyes on the sky.

 Procession at Dawn by Jenny Lee Maas, 5 minutes

Philadelphia artist Jenny Lee Maas is currently working on a series of interconnected short films.  ‘Procession at Dawn’ was the first filmed of the ongoing ‘Psyche’s Lullaby’ series. Each film is based off the symbology and mythology of dreams, and each short serves as a chapter to the overall story.  Though ‘Procession at Dawn’ deals with mourning and loss, death is a shift of consciousness while Dawn refers to a new day, a rebirth, a transformation fulfilled.  

An Atrocious Woman by Rob Curry, 75 minutes

Robert Curry’s first feature film, An Atrocious Woman, is a character study of Julie (Jessica Mockrish), a young woman whose material needs surpass any allegiance to either her lover or her friends.  The film follows Julie as her greed and selfishness send her spiraling down a course toward homicide.  Paced to be an unflinching analysis of human behavior and moral corruption, An Atrocious Woman also offers some subtle commentaries on popular television, photography, pornography and monogamous relationships.

Monday November 11, 2013 Views from the Underground Night 3

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

Night 3 of Views from the Underground is almost here! On Monday November 11, 2013, we will be holding another night of great films at PhilaMOCA. The screening starts at 7pm and is free and open to the public. There will be drinks and snacks and of course some great films! Check out the line up below. We hope to see everyone there!

Buzz and Randy by Derick Crucius, 9 minutes

Two sadistic meth addicted super heroes decide to hold a man hostage and humiliate him for their enjoyment.

Izumi is Dead by Patrick Baird, 24 minutes

A young man lives alone on a farm. He is forced to come to terms with the death of a beloved pet.

 Mad Gone World by Joshua Martin, 102 minutes

Con artists. Architecture. City planning. A play (both real and false). A comedy? A farce? An absurdist romp through a 21st century American city? Coffee. Cousins? Ideals are dead. Grants. Capitalistic pigs. Four women. Rich kids. Dead on the floor? World gone mad? Ideals are dead. It is the world that has gone mad. Paranoia. What is there left to do? Who is mad? Ideals are dead. In a world gone mad.

A Nana K production / Starring Liz Taddei, Angela Riccetti, Chelsey Colosimo, Heather Cole, Josh Christensen, Jake Mariani, Michael Bee, Alex Halpin / Music Blood Loaf, Dan Dickerson, Pure Businessmen, Paul Akerman /  Crew Andrew Scott, Jill Hackney, Dan Dickerson, Marc Dickerson, Alex Halpin / A Film by Joshua Martin / Philadelphia Summer 2013